UrbFinder for Consumers/Cannasumers:

A Whole New Breed of Cannabis Website & Search Capabilities


Why can't there be a single Cannabis site that offers the social aspect of Facebook, the image sharing of Instagram and coupon deals.


Wouldn't it be great if you could simply mark your favorite CannaStores, and have one custom page of your very own to track, comment and see what's happening in the world of cannabis?


Tired of visiting and calling 3 to 5 stores to see deals, strains and product offers?


Well there is a way and UrbFinder is proud to give you the internet tools for everything Cannabis!

At Urbfinder we understand these frustrations and it is the center of why we developed a site especially for you. Everything cannabis is what we have strived to provide for you. From location/mapping services and access to delivery services, we also help connect vendors/growers to dispensaries in your area. But that's not where it ends!

Create Your Own Custom Page, and It's Free!

Within our cannabis community you can mark your favorite locations and build your own custom page to track, customize and communicate with your favorite CannaBusiness. Within your custom page each of your favorite locations will broadcast across your personal Urbfinder page, Our Community is designed to help you discover the best-of-the-best that each Cannabis Industry and locations have to offer through an unbiased opinion from Cannasumers like you. That’s what Urbfinder is all about, Cannacommunication!


When you create your UrbFinder account you’ll be able to customize your personal space, profile image, profile details and avatar. Reach out and grow within our cannabis community, not only share your favorite canna products, but learn from our community and your cannafriends on strains, best in class dispensaries and everything cannabis that may have easily been overlooked. Get rid of the guessing game and open the door even wider to the world of cannabis and create your custom page today and start cannasharing.

As a CannaUser on UrbFinder, you can also communicate directly with your favorite CannaStores. To promote and broadcast on UrbFinder, businesses are required to handle these communications in a timely, professional manner, to retain their store ratings. This way any problems are easily dealt with, and the users can then share helpful feedback with the business and its followers with the click of a button. No other service gives you this kind of access to the business you support and follow.

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Everything cannabis, in one-place to make your cannabis life and CannaBusiness much easier and more enjoyable. Join Urbfinder for free today!